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At any given time, over 31 million Americans experience back pain. Despite this staggering statistics, a great number are not aware why they have back pain. Spine Center of Texas lists down three common culprits of your discomfort:

You’re not doing any exercise: Poor physical fitness contributes greatly to severe back pain. Many think that exercise causes back pain when it reality, the opposite is true. Back pain is more common in people who don’t exercise regularly and are not physically fit. Rest and exercise are two important factor when it comes to good back health. Making sure you have a fitness schedule is a surefire way to maintain proper back care.

You put excess strain to your spine and back:  It’s true that moderate exercise is good for back health, but placing too much strain on your back can make the pain worse. Every year, about 50% American workers report back pain symptoms wherein most cases are due to work strain. In fact, one of the most common reasons for missed work is back pain. To prevent back pain, the most important thing to remember is maintaining proper form especially when you’re consistently lifting heavy items or doing physical labor. Not only are you prone to back pain, lifting incorrectly can also put you at risk for injury.

You smoke: Smoking has been on the decline here in the US, but it is still considered one major cause of back problems for those who still smoke. Smoking significantly weakens bone tissues and prevents your spine to get needed nutrients. Smokers are slow to heal, which only means the pain can last longer. Smoker’s cough can also cause back pain aside from the other health concerns it brings.

If you’re experiencing back pain, you’re not alone. Whether it’s due to one of the three reasons listed above or another issue, as much as 80% of the population will experience it. Seeing a spine specialist can help you relieve your back pain and avoid more pain in the future. Don’t let your back keep you from doing what you love. Contact Spine Center of Texas now to start your road to recovery.

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