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Anatomy of the Sciatic Nerve Spine center of San Antonio Texas

A Sacroiliac (SI) Injection, sometimes referred to as a sacroiliac block, is a non-invasive technique applied by a physician to remedy low back pain or sciatica. The purpose of the procedure is to confirm suspected SI joint dysfunction caused by inflammation and give relief from the pain caused by it.SI injections take place on an outpatient basis, are safe, and only last a few minutes.

The procedure is initiated by having the person lie on their stomach on an exam table. A  pillow may be placed under the hips for comfort if desired. Blood pressure and heart rate are monitored for the duration of the procedure. An intravenous line (IV) may be established to give medication to help the individual relax. Then the point of injection is cleaned, and deadening medication is applied directly to the skin to reduce procedure pain.  Next, a needle, guided by x-ray, is inserted into the SI joint and dye is injected to confirm correct placement and adequate coverage of the area. Once the exact location is established, a medication that is diagnostic and/or therapeutic is injected.  The two types of drug used are a local anesthetic for fast pain relief, and one to decrease joint inflammation that can last a few months to a year. If the injection is successful at alleviating or ending pain long term, it can be repeated up to three times per year.


An SI injection may be indicated for individuals suffering SI joint pain, or those with low back pain caused by SI dysfunction.


People who are pregnant, have uncontrolled diabetes, congestive heart failure, bleeding disorders, local malignancy, systemic or local infection, or have a history of allergic reaction to the medications used may not be eligible to receive the procedure.


If you have been low back or SI joint pain and would like to find out if you can be evaluated for an SI injection, please contact us at either our New Braunfels or Seguin offices.

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