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Back pain is a very common kind of pain that a majority of the people in the world go through. If you have been suffering from anxiety, then it’s quite likely that the reason behind your back pain is caused by stress and anxiousness.

You may be surprised to hear this, but back pain that is generated by anxiety is quite common. This is the primary reason why people get help to treat their anxiety.

Causes of anxiety back pain

Anxiety usually leads to behavioral changes that cause you to suffer from back pain. The common behaviors are enlisted below:

  • Posture – A person suffering from anxiety experiences a change in his posture due to being stressed out all the time. Typically a person who is anxious will sit in a slouchy position. This can easily lead to back pain.
  • Inactivity – People with anxiety find it hard to indulge in their daily activities. Even doing simple chores like washing dishes may seem like a big task. Sitting all the time or lying in bed causes them to feel more pain.
  • Hypersensitivity –  A person experiencing anxiety will feel like a mild pain is quite severe. Because of this, any level of pain is hard for him to ignore.

How to prevent anxiety from causing back pain

  • Stretch – Stretching is a great way to keep your muscles nimble and prevent any type of pain.
  • Notice your posture – You should keep your posture straight so that it doesn’t lead to back pain. Don’t slouch while sitting or walking.
  • Exercise – Exercise is a wonderful way to deal with so many health related problems. You can exercise to keep your muscles stretched so that back pains stays at bay.

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