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Lower back pain is considered one of the most common widespread musculoskeletal ailments. But did you know that regular stretching and exercise can help alleviate and even prevent back pain?

To fully enjoy the benefits of exercise, make sure to always keep your back supported and aligned throughout the regimen. This reduces any possible stress and strain your back may incur. Spine Center of Texas has listed the common exercises that you’re probably doing wrong. We will also be discussing how to correct your form to help you avoid putting pressure on your spine:

Standing Toe Touches – This is one of the most common exercises that is prone to back pain. When it comes to stretching, proper form is crucial. If done improperly, standing toe touches can lead to even more strain on your discs and spinal column. Try the following steps in order perform this stretch correctly:

  • Press your feet firmly on the ground, hip-width apart. Make sure not to lock your knees.
  • Lower your chin to your chest and release, without pushing.
  • Trying to focus on each vertebrae by rolling through the upper, middle, and lower spine sections.
  • Begin to fold at the hip instead of locking when you reach your lower back and hip joints.
  • Breathe deeply and relax every muscle in your back.

Tip: You don’t have to touch your toes. If you push yourself downward, you may end up getting injured. Focus on your back releasing and the muscles being allowed to stretch instead.

Leg Lifts – Leg lifts are proven to strengthen the muscles that support your spine. However, if you start without sufficient core strength, it’s more likely that you’ll end up doing this incorrectly since its easy to focus on the wrong muscle group. To check your form, try answering the following questions:

  • Are you able to lift both your legs from the ground in a controlled, even manner?
  • Are you able to lift your legs without having to tense up your hip or quadricep muscles?
  • Are you doing this movement without any pain in your lower back?

If your answer is yes, you are doing it right! If you answered no, follow these steps to strengthen your form:

  • Lay on the ground with your feet flat on the floor and your knees bent at a comfortable angle.
  • Lift both feet off the floor, bringing your knees toward your chest and your shins to an angle parallel to the ground above your hips.
  • Using your hands to guide (don’t pull hard!), bring your knees into your chest, allowing your back muscles to relax towards the floor. Repeat from the beginning until your back feels released.

Tip: Doing this exercise shouldn’t have to be hard. Try using one leg at a time if you feel pain or discomfort. Always stop when you feel any sharp or sudden pain.

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