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Sitting for long hours in the office can be detrimental to our bodies. When we spend all day at the desk, we put ourselves at higher risk of developing diseases and other types of body pain. Spine Center of Texas knows that sitting at work is not always avoidable, so we’ll be listing down effective ways on how you can counteract this detrimental activity:

  • Choose a chair with sufficient support – Since you’re spending a lot of time behind a desk, you need to make sure you’re chair is not adding to your spine stress. There are a lot of affordable chairs in the market today that provide good low back support, come with a solid cushion, and can be adjusted so your feet lay comfortably on the floor. Ask your employer if you can be given a good quality office chair instead of an old or uncomfortable one that won’t provide the support you need.
  • Position your monitor and desktop properly – You are probably spending most of your day hunched over you’re computer, especially for people who work on laptops. Even desktop computers can put a strain on your spine if they are not positioned well. Position your desktop monitor so that you are looking straight ahead without having to tilt your neck at an angle. Doing this is easy and costs no money at all.
  • Move, move, move -It’s always best to avoid staying in the same position for hours at a time. Several studies revealed that in order to maintain good spinal health, you need to move around and stand if possible. Try setting a timer every twenty minutes and get up. You can use a phone farther from you, take a bathroom break, or just take a lap around the office to cut through the sitting monotony.

You can avoid unnecessary pain just by doing things at your office. Don’t hesitate to contact the professionals at Spine Center of Texas if you have been experiencing constant back pain that just won’t go away.



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