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Choosing the right surgeon for your back surgery is crucial if you want the best chance at achieving pain relief while minimizing potential complication. In any medical case, a patient needs to get a correct diagnosis. Spine surgery only addresses an anatomical problem. The surgery, therefore, is useless if the underlying cause of the pain will not be addressed. Finding the right surgeon will help you receive the right diagnosis and corrective surgery.

But how can you choose the best surgeon? Spine Center of Texas explains how:

  • Ask about the surgeon’s qualifications and experience – Don’t be shy to ask the surgeon his/her experience when it comes to performing a specific surgery. Surgery requires practice before it can be perfected. Make sure to ask for specific questions about your spine problem and his recommendations to address them.
  • Check if the surgeon is board eligible or board-certified  – You can confirm this by looking on their wall for a certificate. It’s a good sign if your surgeon is a member of a major spine organisation.
  • Ask if the surgeon have immediate surgical back up – Unfortunately, surgeons are prone to operate and pain doctors to inject and medicate. If your problem does fall within that skill set, you are often trapped or have to wait to be seen as a new patient as you are referred back and forth between doctors that often communicate poorly. This is where a specialized renter such as The Spine Center of Texas comes in.  It is very rare to have a Spine Surgeon, intervention pain management specialist, chiropractic specialist, and anesthesiologist all working together within the same practice in partnership.

Choosing a surgeon is a process that you should carefully undertake. Contact Spine Center of Texas to help you understand the benefits and the risks of your back pain treatment options.

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