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Genicular Block/Radiofrequency Ablation

This is an exciting new procedure that few clinics are offering. The genicular nerves are sensory nerves that innervate the knee. Studies have shown that they follow predictable patterns base on bony anatomy, and can be blocked or ablated depending on the need.

Genicular block/Radiofrequency ablation is a great option for patients that have had a total knee replacement or are not candidates for a knee replacement. This can be due to other medical risks or personal choice to delay this invasive surgery.

An IV is started and you will be lying supine on the procedure table. The knee area is evaluated under live x ray and the area of the skin is numbed. We gently place the needle in the area of the genicular nerves and place long acting local anesthetic. If you notice a dramatic reduction in your pain after the initial and confirmatory block, than you are a candidate for radiofrequency ablation.

Patients can expect six months to six years of pain relief depending on the severity of your condition. Again, few pain clinics are offering this procedure and we have seen excellent results.