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Did you know that there is one type of activity- a seemingly simple one – that can be a source of your chronic low back pain?

Lower back pain is caused by any excessive internal pressure that distorts or stretches the spine’s soft tissues. When stretched, the soft tissue sends pain signals to the brain as a response. When you wash the dishes without properly bending your spine, the internal pressure goes up and affects the weak spinal tissues. When you stand bent forward, there is ten times more pressure created as compared to lying on your back and three times more pressure as compared to running. The amount of pressure is similar to holding a 44lbs weight close to your body.

Aside from standing bent forward, here are some other activities that you need to look out for:

  • Sitting for too long
  • Stooping
  • Repeated bending/twisting
  • Standing too long
  • Lifting incorrectly

Avoiding doing the dishes is not a practical solution to this kind of problem. Taking prescription drugs is  also not advisable due to the number of side effects it may cause. To prevent back pain, you should:

  • Restore and rebuild your muscles – One of the underlying problems to many lower back pain cases is tissue weakness. Make wise choices when it comes to your diet and aim to challenge your body physically.
  • Do it with proper posture – Open the cabinet floor below the sink and place one foot on the edge of the cabinet floor. This way, you share the load and creates a wider support base that can help reduce the internal forces on your lower back.
  • Rest often – If you feel a mild fatigue on your lower back while doing the dishes, sit down and take a break.

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