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In today’s society, spinal pain and treatment has become the norm. About 80% of Americans will experience some sort of back, neck, and spine related problems during their adult life. Even if you haven’t experienced such pain, it is likely that you know someone who has. Spine Center of Texas brings good news! There are preventive steps you can take to reduce your chances of developing back pain. Preventive strategies include:

  • Stop smoking –Many studies have showed that smoking is linked to a lot of spine-related disorders, as well as decreased effectiveness of medical treatments for it. Taking the step to stop smoking can significantly decrease your back pain and even reduce your risk of developing back pain in the future.
  • Do physical exercises – Exercise brings much more benefits beyond decreased back pain. Doing regular core strengthening and aerobic activities can significantly improve your overall health and lower your risk of having back injuries.
  • Watch your weight – Carrying excess weight can add stress to your spine and other musculoskeletal parts. Many experts believe that staying within 10 pounds of your ideal weight is enough to lower your risk of developing back and neck pain.
  • Follow proper body mechanics – It is typical for us to overload and isolate an area of our spine when we sit, stand, sleep, or lift. Make sure to use a chair that has good low back support. It will also be beneficial to avoid sitting for long periods of time and follow proper lifting and carrying techniques. Practicing proper posture while doing such activities can go a long way in preventing neck and back pain.
  • Consult a specialist– If you’re experiencing neck and back pain, it is necessary to consult a physician to help you pinpoint the cause of the pain and take the necessary steps to treat it. If you have specific orthopaedic questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact Spine Center of Texas.

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