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Are you suffering from back pain? Here are reasons why you might want to look into yoga:

  • Yoga strengthens your back – yoga targets specific muscle groups and strengthens them. Doing yoga shouldn’t be uncomfortable, but it does require concentration and specific use of muscles. The longer you maintain positions and incorporate various movements, the stronger your muscles become. a lot of yoga postures targets back and abdominal muscles, enabling the body to maintain proper posture and movement. Back pain is avoided or reduces when muscles in the are are well conditioned.
  • Yoga stretches and relaxes your back muscles –  By stretching and relaxing the muscles, you reduce the tension and stress in your muscle. In yoga, you are required to maintain gentle poses from 10-60 seconds. As you pose, some muscles flex while others stretch. This promotes muscle and joint flexibility and relaxation. If you suffer from lower back pain, stretching is beneficial. For example, hamstring stretch expands your pelvis motion, lowering the stress felt by your lower back. What’s more, yoga increases blood flow which allows nutrients to flow in and toxins to flow out – bringing nourishment to your lower back muscles and tissues.
  • Yoga improves posture, balance, and body alignment –  Yoga trains your body to be supple and healthy. If you practice consistently, you will notice that your posture is improved and you will have an increased sense of balance. Regular yoga also keeps your head, shoulders, pelvis properly aligned. Unlike other forms of exercise, yoga can equally stretch and strengthen both sides of your body. There is lower chances for back pain if you have proper body alignment and good posture.
  • Yoga makes you aware of your body – theoretically, yoga’s specific positions and repositioning will not only limber your body, but also let you understand your body’s limitation. If you have increased awareness, you are more inclined to do preventive measures.

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