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Many people consider massage therapy as one of the best non-invasive and low-risk treatment for back pain. Aside from its physical benefits, some types of massages are proven to also help us psychologically by inducing relaxation and increasing our body’s natural “feel-good” chemicals. Spine Center of Texas lists down the reasons why massage may be the best option for your back pain.

General benefits of massage therapy:

  • It helps increase blood flow and circulation to bring much-needed nutrients into your muscles and tissues;
  • It aids in soreness during recovery from physical activity or soft tissue injury/muscle strain;
  • It decreases muscle tension;
  • It promotes muscle relaxation;
  • It increases muscle flexibility;
  • It improves sleep;
  • It increases “feel good” chemicals in your brain to ease depression and anxiety;
  • It helps reduce pain and speed up recovery.

This type of treatment has long been part of any effective back pain management processes. In fact, a majority of healthcare providers require their patients to undergo massage therapy before considering invasive methods such as surgery.

Back pain and massage therapy

Benefits of massage therapy in back pain management includes:

  • It decreases muscle strain in the lower and upper back –  A lot of acute lower back pain cases are due to muscle strain from lifting heavy objects, making a sudden movement, or falling. When back muscles are strained, the muscle area becomes inflamed. Inflammation leads to lower back pain and makes moving difficult. Massage therapy can help work out the spasm/irritation and improve range of motion.
  • It reduces osteoarthritis pain – Massage therapy can help improve your circulation, thereby reducing stress and muscle tension. However, remember that is important to find a professional who is trained in treating people with arthritis.
  • It provides help for specific areas – Massage therapy can target both the tender points and the more broadly distributed pain and stiffness. It can be used to treat a specific area that is experiencing pain.

Massage therapy is relatively safe, but it is still best to check with your doctor before undergoing massage therapy or any other treatment. Contact Spine Center of Texas to find out more about massage therapy and other back pain relief options.


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