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Medication Management

Proper medical management is mandatory for comprehensive pain management. We use a wide variety of non-opiate and opiate medications depending on your condition. Our approach has been constructed with the expertise of the American Society of Interventional Pain Physicians as well as other national experts.

We are careful to prescribe medications that are specific to your condition. Our goal is to maximize function. Nobody likes to take unnecessary medication and we are mindful of this in our practice. We will monitor you for side effects as well as screen you for anxiety, depression, and addiction risk. We will set SMART goals with you, specific measureable, achievable, realistic and timely goals that matter to you. We screen all of our patients with a UDS (urine drug screen). This is a standard practice that protects both you and your provider. It should be viewed as any other lab test. We are assuring that the proper medication is in your system and that you’re not on any illicit substances. Regulatory agencies are clear that using illicit drugs with opiates is not allowed. Non-opiate therapy and other interventions will still be offered and can be extremely effective depending on your condition. We will also have a medication contract with you that will explain all of this and assures that these medications are available for the people who need them.

Our goal is to maximize you function, limit side effects, and assure maximum success.