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How long will pain last after a MISS ?

Every MISS procedure has different recovery rates. On average, however, MISS patients are discharged twice as fast as patients who undergo traditional surgery.

Will I become dependent on pain medication after an MISS?

There is no evidence of addiction stemming from post-operation pain treatment.

Is wearing a brace necessary?

Braces are prescribed primarily for comfort purposes. MISS techniques can help avoid the need for braces, since muscle functions are preserved and specialized implants can already act as internal braces. Braces may be advised only for 1-2 weeks until pain improves.

Is physical therapy needed after MISS?

For a patient to recover fast, physical therapy is highly recommended. Physical therapy usually starts 2-6 weeks after surgery and is formatted to an individual’s needs and overall condition.

Are lasers used in MISS?

Lasers, endoscopes, operating microscopes, and computer-assisted navigation systems may be used during a MISS. This allows procedures typically done with large and open incisions to be performed through small openings. Use of these types of advanced technologies will depend on a person’s condition.

Why should I choose MISS over traditional open surgery?

Minimally invasive spine surgery involves less pain and faster recovery. Though, as with any type of new technology and even open surgery, it is important to approach it with a degree of uncertainty. MISS techniques are also highly technical and require significant training to avoid possible complications such as decompression, nerve injury, or infection.

What is more successful: MISS or open surgery?

Assessments on the long-term result of MISS are ongoing, but its short-term success is very well established. This includes rapid recovery, less post-operative pain, and shorter hospital stay.

Is MISS still experimental?

MISS has been proven to deliver successful results for many years now and the technology continually grows and evolves at a rapid rate.

Why aren’t there many hospitals and surgeons involved in MISS?

MISS procedures are highly technical and require expensive high-tech equipment to be performed safely and effectively. Spine Center of Texas houses the few surgeons who can offer not only minimally invasive surgeries, but interventional pain management as well.

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