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Neuromodulation is a therapeutic process which involvse stimulating and administering medication directly to the body’s nervous system in order to treat pain and other neurologic dysfunctions, such as movement disorder, spasticity, and epilepsy. Neuromodulation stimulates nerve cells by implanting drug-containing devices or neural stimulators in the central and peripheral nervous systems, autonomic nervous system, and the deep brain cell nuclei.

The most common type of neuromodulation is Spinal Cord Stimulation (SCS), which is used to relieve low back pain. Electricity is used as a simulator to interrupt pain signals from the spinal cord to the brain. This way, a more pleasant tingling sensation replaces the painful one.

Benefits of SCS include:

  • A significant reduction in back and extremity pain.
  • Improved functional ability and the ability to participate in daily activities.
  • Patients with peripheral vascular disease experience improvement in blood flow.
  • The need for less oral pain medications, therefore fewer side effcts.
  • The ability to reverse the therapy if needed, or adjust it based on pain level.
  • The ability to participate in other forms of pain management therapy.

SCS has been around since the 1960s and has been proven highly effective in managing chronic pain of the neck, back, arms, and legs. Electrical leads, an implanted battery, and a remote programmer deliver electric currents to the spinal cord in therapeutic does. These currents relieve neuropathic pain. Think of it like a pacemaker for the spine that alleviates pain while relying less on pain medication

Unlike other interventional therapies, SCS can be done in a trial basis to allow the patient to stimulate pain relief in their own homes with the use of a temporary simulator. This is how most patients qualify for a permanent implantation.

To learn more about nueromodulation, spinal cord stimulation, and other therapies for back pain relief, don’t hesitate to contact Spine Center of Texas.

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