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Are you the type of person who puts your wallet in your back pocket? You may think that it’s not a big deal, right?  As it turns out, placing your wallet there and sitting on it all day is not only uncomfortable, but can also make your sciatica symptoms worse.

How can this habit make my sciatica symptoms worse? 

Symptoms of sciatica flare up when a part of the sciatic nerve gets pinched or irritated. A typical culprit is an underlying medical condition. However, sitting on your wallet only aggravates your sciatic nerve further. Often called wallet sciatica, the habit forces your hip to elevate. This creates spine imbalance, which in turn puts stress on the lumbar discs that are near your sciatic nerve. The wallet can press against your buttock and place pressure on your piriformis muscle, further rubbing it against the sciatic nerve. This situation holds true not only for wallets, but also for cell phones and other objects. Even wearing tight clothing can cause adverse effects in your sciatic nerve.

What’s the best way to carry my wallet?

To help you break this back-pocket habit, choose a money clip or a slim style wallet that can fit well in your front pocket. Another trick is to attach your keys to it. Chances are you wouldn’t want to sit on them for too long. Also, try wearing khakis or dress pants that have closing buttons at the back. This way, you can simply button it up.

Keeping stuff out of your back pocket may feel like a small change, but it can go a long way toward providing you with relief from your sciatica pain. For more information about sciatica and treatment options, don’t hesitate to contact Spine Center of Texas.

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