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July 13, 2016
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July 19, 2016
Orthopaedic Health: Why Recovery Day is Important Spine Center of Texas

When you’ve already eased into a regular work out routine, taking a day off may seem like counter-intuitive. A lot of people fear that taking a day off from a consistent workout schedule will cost them the progress they’ve made. Spine Center of Texas is here to inform you that rest is a very important part of any exercise regimen. Recovery day enables your body to repair, rebuild and strengthen strained muscles. If you allow your body to rest, it will bring you better results in the long run.

The truth is, skipping recovery day can cause adverse effects. When yo exercise, you’re actually tearing up muscle fibres. You’re not getting all the benefits of your hard work if you don’t let your muscles repair and re-grow. You are also more likely to pull, strain or tear your muscles, leading to injury. Your overall health is also affected. If you’re exercising constantly, you’re overtaxing your immune system, enabling them to keep up with the repairs. Having a weak immune system only leads to injury and illness. What’s more, rest is also a crucial part of your mental health. Frequent exercising without taking the time to rest and recover will eventually lead to mental burnout. A mental burnout refers to losing the mental edge which you need to work out effectively. Mental edge loss can lead to poor performance and loss of motivation.

Spine Center of Texas is here to tell you to allow your body to have a day off. Doing do will likely lead to more enthusiasm and energy the next time you hit the gym.


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