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The war against fat and obesity never runs out of style. People constantly attempt to reach their ideal weight through diets and rigorous exercise regimes. Unfortunately, people sign up for many of the popular exercise programs nowadays without proper consultation from a qualified physical trainer or expert. As a result, many are going to Spine Center of Texas with a list of problems and injuries that arise from their exercise programs. Most of these exercise-related injured are simple muscle strains,  but there are cases when these injuries become serious.

Sogo Wealth and Risk Management in San Antonio has listed the types of popular exercises Americans are hooked in. We suggest that you take the following with caution, and remember that there are risks involved if you’re not properly supervised.

  • Walking/Running – Walking and running are two of the most popular exercise options for many Americans. Walking is considered one of the most effective and safe exercises you can do. It offers a lot of physical, physiological, and emotional benefits. Walking activates the lumbar para-spinal muscles. When you incline your walk, it activates a different set of muscles throughout your mid and low back. A lot of studies have proved how walking can effectively decrease low back pain. Not only can it increase the bone mineral density of the spine and hip, it can also prevent osteoporotic fractures.
  • Biking – Many Americans climb a stationary or traditional bike for cardio. In fact, Soul Cycle is considered one of the hottest, new venues for indoor, stationary biking. Regardless of where it’s done, biking is considered an excellent and safe physical activity. Make sure that you consider the proper placement of your bike seat. Make sure that the seat is high enough that it allows your knees to slightly flex, but not fully extend. It should not be too high, or it will stain your back.
  • Zumba and Barre – Zumba is a latin-inspired music and dance exercise regime that makes the participants forget they are working out. Barre, on the other hand, is an exercise regime that is ballet-inspired. It uses a combination of ballet postures and other disciplines, such as yoga and pilates. Both of these exercises are an excellent way to build core strength and cardio capacity, but make sure you do proper stretching under trained supervision to avoid injuries.
  • Crossfit and Tabata – These two exercises are the most dangerous when it comes to back safety. CrossFit is a combination of high-intensity running, jumping, and weight lifting that can be used to enhance a person’s competency. This requires the same physical demand of military, police, and sports training. Tabata is a high-intensity interval-training workout that lasts for 4 minutes (20 second workout, 10 second rest, complete 8 rounds.) Because it involves weights, many spinal cord injuries were reported during Tabata sessions. Therefore, it is very important for a person to perform these excercises with a professional trainer.

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