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Spinal Stenosis

spinal-stenosisSpinal stenosis is a broad term used to described narrowing of the inside of the spinal canal, putting pressure on the nerves or spinal cord as it descends down the body. This occurs as a result of a bulging disc, enlarging facet joints, bone spurs, and enlargement of the spine ligaments call the ligamentum flavum. Many elderly patients have a combination of all of these elements, which can lead to profound narrowing and pain. Patients will feel back pain and numbness that goes down the legs or arms depending on the area affected.

This condition can be effectively treated with epidural steroid injections, core strengthening, and bracing. Sometimes it is too severe, and the patient needs surgical correction. Depending on the age and factors contributing to this problem, patients may need a minimally invasive decompression and fusion or a more extensive posterior lumbar interbody fusion. Please see our treatment section for an explanation of both.