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Jogging is considered one of the most popular exercise methods. It promotes cardiovascular and overall health. However, if not done properly, jogging may lead to back pain. This is because jogging places stress on the back muscles, vertebrae, and discs. Improper jogging could lead to the onset of back pain. Therefore, necessary steps need to be followed to minimize stress.

There are a few things you can do to make sure you don’t develop back pain while jogging:

  • Wear proper shoes – We all have different feet shapes. It is crucial that you wear proper shoes while crucial. Take the time to ask for advise from a shoe expert in a specialty running store to determine which shoes are right for you.
  • Choose a good running surface – A dirt path or gravel surface will decrease the amount of impact force your muscles, bones, and discs need to absorb.
  • Don’t skip stretching – After warming up your muscles, make sure to stretch your hamstrings, quadriceps, hips, calves, and gluts. Don’t forget to also stretch after exercising.
  • Strengthen your core – Having strong abdominal and back muscles is an important factor if you want to prevent back pain while jogging.

Consult your spine doctor or physical therapist to learn specific stretching and strengthening exercises that can help prevent jogging pain. If you are still experiencing pain after following these corrective measures, visit Spine Center of Texas for a proper evaluation.

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