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Low back pain is considered the number one cause of disability worldwide. This condition forces many people to miss out on the activities they enjoy doing and even stop them supporting their families. However, did you know that some of the most common causes of lower back pain can easily be avoided? Specialists from Spine Center of Texas have listed the top avoidable causes of low back pain:

  • Common Low Back Pain Causes Spine Center of TexasSitting too long in front of the computer screen: On an average, a person would usually spend 9 hours in a day slouching in front of the computer screen. This can either be from working at a desk or looking down at a smart phone. Make sure to take regular breaks, brisk walks, and do neck exercises several times a day. It’s better if you can look straight forward with your chine up, so raise your computer screen or hold your phone higher in front of you. These simple steps can relieve the pressure on your shoulders, back, and neck.
  • Sleeping on your stomach: Sleeping on your stomach can place pressure on your joints and muscles. This gets worse if you place your pillow too high or too flat, keeping your head out of alignment with your spine. You should sleep on your back or side instead of your stomach. This elongates your spine and keeps it in a neutral position. If you’re used to sleeping on your stomach, you can place a thin pillow under your hips to eliminate the pressure on your discs, ligaments, and muscles.
  • Wearking sky-high heels or flat flip-flops:  These types of shoes do not provide sufficient arch support. You don’t have to necessarily forego wearing them. Just make sure you buy a pair that fits correctly. You should also alternate high and low styles throughout the week to avoid applying constant pressure on your foot. Opt to wear shock-absorbing sneakers if you’ll be walking long distances or on hard surfaces.

If you’re experiencing persistent lower back pain, make it a point to visit a specialist before it worsens. There are some cases where orthopedic surgery is needed to relieve back pain. Don’t hesitate to contact Spine Center of Texas and schedule an appointment with our specialists.

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