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There are many valuable sources of information available in this day and age that can help us make more informed decisions. On the flip side, the wealth of sources available online can also present us with conflicting, contradicting, and even inaccurate information. Back pain is no exception.

Spine Center of Texas houses the best orthopedic spine surgeons to help treat patients with chronic back pain and a broad range of spine injuries and conditions. We aim to provide our patients with the right information so they can prevent and manage their back pain. We’ll be expelling some of the myths when it comes to back pain.

  • I should take a bed rest when I have back pain – A person with back pain can do well without running a half marathon or lifting heavy weights for a while, but clinical research shows that maintaining light physical activity is beneficial. Make sure to contact your physician to know the right type and level of activity that will work for your back injury.
  • I should always stand up straight when I’m having back pain – It’s true that posture is a crucial component in spine health. However, sitting or standing upright may cause harm for some types of back pain. Listening to your body is the best way to determine if sitting rigidly is the best way to go.
  • Back pain is due to my excess weight – This is 100% true. Having to carry all that excess body fat may lead to lower back pain and strain.
  • Shoes are an important component when it comes to back health – Making sure you have the right pair of shoes promotes spine health. Always buy a pair that can properly support your feet and ankles in order to avoid injury and misalignment.
  • I nee to use a tough mattress to alleviate back pain – A hard mattress isn’t necessarily more beneficial when it comes to back pain. What you need is something that can evenly support your spine and enable you to move comfortably while sleeping.

Don’t hesitate to contact Spine Center of Texas if you’re suffering from back pain or injury.

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