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“Text Neck” is a term used to describe the head, neck, and shoulder pain caused by looking in a downward position at hand held devices, such as cell phones, mp3 players, e-readers, and computer tablets. The pain stems from having poor back posture while looking at electronic devices. This condition can happen to both kids, adults, and everyone who holds their devices down in their lap or on a low surface. This position forces their neck to flex and the muscles in the area to become stressed. They feel pain the moment they try to lift their heads up. Since text neck is a cumulative effect, the problem lies in the fact that people with text neck are the ones who keep their heads in the painful position for several hours every day.

Experts all agree that the best way to prevent text neck is by prevention. We all know that we cannot totally eradicate hand-held device usage, but what we can do is to set limits. This is especially for kids. Parents should set a limit on kid’s use of electronic devices per day and they should teach their children to turn off these devices. It will also be useful to direct their attention to other activities, such as playing soccer, learning to play the piano, going swimming, or doing other family activities.

If you are an adult who needs to be constantly online, make sure to hold your electronic device at proper eye level. You can also opt to place the monitor so that you’re directly looking at it, instead of down at it. You can use an elevated support for your mobile device so you can prevent text neck. Maintaining proper posture is crucial. Make sure that your back is straight, your elbows are well supported, and you don’t hold your phone close to your eyes. It is also important that you limit your time with these devices. Make time to get up and walk around. There are also a lot of home exercises you can do to treat text neck. You can reduce the tension in your neck and improve its range of motion by performing stretching exercises.

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